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  • flea treatments

    Pet Adopt-a-thon!

    Want a new pet?

    Celebrate the Easter holiday by adopting a feline or canine friend! We're having a massive adoption event this weekend at the Petsmart on Roosevelt from 9am-12pm. Come by and meet our furry friends. We've got over 30 cats and 40 dogs waiting for their new forever home.

    All of our cats and dogs are microchipped and heartworm free. All of our dogs are up to date on their flea and tick treatments and vaccines so you don't have to worry about flea infestations from your new roommate or butt-scoots across the carpet from worms.

    Adoption fees will be reduced and Petsmart has generously offered a free bag of dog food, leash, and chew toy for every pup that gets adopted. Dr Mettenhiem has also offered reduced prices on regular vet checkups and spaying/neutering. Topical treatments for cats and flea pills for dogs are also available at a reduced price.

    If you have any questions about adopting a dog, check out this handy guide.

    Plus, we'll be taking pictures of you and your new pup or kitten to hang luxuriously on your wall for all to see! Pictures will be sponsored by G&K Tree Specialists.

    Our cats and dogs have so much love to give, they just need you!

    flea treatmentsCheck out Snoopy, the friendly beagle/catahoula mix. He's 12 weeks old, loves to nap, and is great around other animals and children. Snoopy just finished his rounds of puppy vaccines and is ready to go home with you! He loves chew toys so don't forget to pick up a few or he might go for your shoes!

    ChihuahuaAnd here is Kalli, a Chihuahua mix who loves to sunbathe and chase lizards. She's also house trained and knows how to sit and stay at only 4 months old! She does not play well with other dogs, she's a one pet kind of gal. But she gets along great with kids and food!

    cat for adoptionFor you cat lovers out there, this is Ryker, a short haired tabby who was abandoned by his owner due to financial concerns. He's still a playful kitten at 6 months but is starting to calm down into adulthood. His brother, Roger, is also up for adoption as well as his mother, Miss Piggy. Get the whole family or just the prettiest one, it's up to you!

    So come find your new best friend and help our community! All proceeds will go to the Grand Cayman Animal Shelter. Donations are welcome as well. Cash is always appreciated but we're also looking for cat and dog food, toys, blankets, and, of course, volunteers!

    The adoption event lasts from 9am to noon and then we're all going to take our dogs down to Cedars on the River and grab a couple of well-deserved cocktails. If you'd like to join, leash laws will be enforced but open container laws will not ;)

    By Brad Helms | Published on March 24, 2016

  • Tips on Finding an Honest Plumber

    finding a plumberWhenever it comes to hiring a professional for your home, you want to make sure your hard earned money is going to a trustworthy person. Too many times people get taken advantage of by professionals that they trusted to give honest advice. There are ways to avoid being scammed out of your money by a professional that is taking advantage of your lack of knowledge in their field. Finding someone to trust to complete things you need done around the house can be overwhelming and stressful.

    Patrick from stopped by to give us some tips on how to find an honest plumber


    The most important thing you need to look for is whether they are licensed or not. You also want to make sure that they are fully insured in case something goes wrong. If they have neither, you should move onto another person because if something goes wrong, you are the one on the hook for the repairs and damages.

    The Internet

    The internet is a great resource for a number of things. Thanks to many review sites, you can look through reviews to check out plumbers that you are looking for. Remember to really read the reviews, as well as reading several pages of reviews. Yelp is great for this, look at the reviews on Seale Plumbings Yelp page Owners can manipulate the order that the reviews are in to make sure that the first page or two only has good reviews so that you feel comfortable enough to choose them and not look for more. Do not fall into that trap. Alsokeep in mind people are more likely to write poor reviews than those who have had a positive experience. There are also sites like the Better Business Bureau, which have official reports and rankings of businesses that opt in. This is a great place to check.


    The best tool is looking for an honest plumber is word of mouth. You likely know someone or a few people that have required the services of a plumber. Ask them about their experiences. They will always tell you honestly if they recommend someone and especially if they would warn you to stay away from another.


    It is unwise to trust a quote over the phone. The job could be more in-depth than they thought, causing you to spend more than you thought and wanted to for the job. You should also get a few quotes to make sure you get the best deal for the job. Plus, by meeting them in person you can find out a lot about them. Do they show up late or not at all? Did you have to call them repeatedly to get them to show up when they were supposed to be there? These are some warning signs to find someone else. You can also trust your gut when meeting someone. Your instinct is generally right, and you should trust it.

    You really want to be careful who you are getting to help you with your plumbing needs. When you have someone working on your house, you want someone that you can trust to get the job done well, as well as someone you feel safe being in your home. Do your due diligence when picking a plumber; this can make a big difference on your experience.

    By Brad Helms | Published on June 17, 2015

  • Grand Cayman – A Dream Getaway

    Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands is a dream getaway destination for many around the world. Unique natural attractions, coral reefs and crystal clear waters welcome you to your time of peace and serenity. To imagine that this is only a part of it can make it exciting for the touring population.

    The Cayman Islands consists of three islands – the Little Cayman, Cayman Brac and the Grand Cayman. Alike the names the Little Cayman is the smallest of the three offering a relaxed and serene environment while the Cayman Brac helps you to mingle freely with nature. The Grand Cayman true to its name is the biggest of the three and ‘grand’ it is.

    You can enjoy world-class diving, sandy beaches and snorkeling which has been tipped as the best in all of the Caribbean. The Seven Mile Beach that is located on the western shores of the Grand Cayman is the most popular among them all. You will find tourists flocking here by the numbers. The powdery white sand and the crystal clear water is a worthy sight that beckons this tropical destination.

    Water Sports in Grand Cayman
    Grand Cayman has an array of water sports and activities that can make a summer vacation special for you and your family. Jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, snorkeling and diving and some of the most enjoyable water sports here.

    For the Land Lovers
    If you are one of those who prefer activities on land, then you can have your share of fun by hopping on bird watching tours, horseback riding, caving and exploring hiking trails.

    There are many private resorts in Grand Cayman that organize private fishing excursions for their members. If you are a fishing person, then you can enjoy the members only fishing tourneys conducted.

    Read also Grand Cayman – Attractions & Eats

    By Brad Helms | Published on May 27, 2015

  • Grand Cayman – Attractions & Eats

    Attractions are a plenty in Grand Canyon. One can enjoy the history and the Caribbean culture inherent in the structures and attractions on the island.

    Flora & Fauna
    If you are a daredevil, then do not hesitate to wade into the waters with the stingrays at the Stingray City Sandbar. You can enjoy the wildlife and the natural tropical environment at The National Trust for the Cayman Islands. If you love the reptiles, you must ensure that you visit the Cayman Turtles Farm. Here you will find numerous green sea turtles about 11,000 of them and view the marine life in the region.

    If you are longing to take a plunge, then a dip in the freshwater tidal lagoon will do it for you. If you have a floral hand, then never miss the trip to the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park. A history person will find it worthwhile at The National Museum where the rich history of Grand Cayman is on display.

    A Day with Finned Friends
    You can enjoy your day out with the dolphins and for those who wish some local resorts make arrangements for making it exclusive for individual families and friends thereby ensuring that the entire dolphin park is closed for all but you.

    The Eats
    You can be spoilt for choice when it comes to eats in this island. You can start your day with rich Caribbean flavor at the Sunshine Grill that offers exquisite Caribbean cuisine. Enjoy a modern day organic vegan meal at the Bread & Chocolate that offers lunch alternatives for the health conscious population. For dinner, enjoy a blast at the Caribbean fusion restaurant that boasts of an organic garden - The Brasserie.

    By Brad Helms | Published on April 2, 2015

  • Making The Move To Grand Cayman

    Many one time travelers have made the Grand Cayman their home in recent times. This write-up is focussed at those who intend to make the move to this wonderful island. Here is some useful information that will help you to make a successful move into the island.

    Finding an employment in Grand Cayman is not dear. With plenty of service expats settling here, and with the world investing population showing interest, it is easy to get employed with any one of the service providers. All that you need to do is to approach them directly. You can also go through a recruitment agency who will be able to find you the right job.

    Moving to Grand Cayman
    Once you have found the right job, the next big thing is the move. You may want to know what you need to bring into Grand Cayman. Most condos here are fully furnished which means that you need not move your entire stuff in here. You can pack your personal belongings and those household goods that you hold dear.

    Finding the Right Place to Live
    Grand Cayman boasts of some lovely communities and hence choosing one can be a very challenging task. You can do your bit of research, walk around the neighbourhoods to get a feel of it, checking the prices, amenities, etc. You can choose from the housing options first and then decide on the communities next.

    It is not recommended to shift your expensive four-wheel drives with leather seats to this tropical destination. Mind you, you will end up paying more duty than you could afford. It is best to settle for the local transportation or buy the local vehicles that are cheap and reliable than the four-wheel status symbols.

    Setting up
    It is not easy when you decide to move to a tropical location. Hence, it will take time for you to settle in. You might incur heavy expenses during this phase; hence ensure that your bank balance is prepared to take the heat.

    By Brad Helms | Published on March 7, 2015

  • Cayman Islands Jurisdiction And Taxation – An Insight

    In terms of both total assets and total liabilities that are held in financial institutions, Cayman Islands is the world’s 6th largest international banking center. It is imperative to enjoy economic and political stability to be successful in the banking industry, and Cayman offers just that. Add to it the presence of highly sophisticated service providers, absence of exchange controls, a sound regulatory regime, a stable banking environment, a responsive legal system and tax neutrality, Cayman Islands is a haven for businessmen.

    Being an overseas UK territory in a conducive financial environment, Cayman has been long attracting service providers such as administrators, accountants and lawyers thereby attracting foreign investors like honey for bees. Cayman is a jurisdiction of choice to many thanks to the wealth of international expertise available here.

    Clients who come in search of services are offered a wide range of services on a platter in one single place that makes it one of the most sought after locales today. Some of the top services that you can find in plenty includes stock exchange listings, insurance, aircraft and vessel registration, structured finance, company management, funds, trusts, banking, etc.

    Tax Haven
    Cayman Islands very often has been referred to as a Tax Haven where there is little or no taxation and protects the privacy of all financial information and also offers no transparency through laws that block the sharing of such financial transactions. The truth is, however, a little different, as it is not an uncooperative jurisdiction when it comes to criminal and tax matters. It is part of the white list of countries, that have internationally recognized tax standards and laws.

    Cayman Islands has been taking steps to benefit foreign governments and hence it is more transparent that this day than it was ever before.

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    By Brad Helms | Published on February 5, 2015

  • Pitfalls To Avoid While Buying Properties In Cayman

    If you intend to buy properties in Cayman, it is important to know the mistakes that you can make. Listed below are some common pitfalls that new buyers are bound to make in Cayman. You will do good to avoid these to ensure that your property is free of any issues in future.

    Hidden Costs
    This tops the list. It is imperative for you to find out the hidden costs in a property before you go in for a purchase. Request your realtor to break down the monthly costs of maintaining a property in Cayman. Some HOAs require quarterly cleanings from professional pressure washer companies. Split that into two – winter months and summer months to get a proper idea. It is possible for a four bedroom house to have an electricity bill of CI$1000-CI$1500+ and a water bill of CI$650 per month assuming the property is well insulated. Cayman is prone to hurricanes as we know it hence it is imperative to consider those as well.

    Check for Special Assessments
    If you are planning to buy a condo, it is necessary that you check for any special assessments planned for the property. Special assessments can cost you a considerable amount. In that case, you can request the current owner to make the payment for such assessments. Also check any HOA laws that may not be commonly known such as fines for leaving drills or table saws on your balcony or parking a car with lettering outside.

    Site Surveys, Home Inspections and MEP Report
    It is necessary for you to have a site survey and home inspections done before purchasing any property. An MEP report will help as well as it gives you a detailed description of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing work in the property. If it is plain land, then it is important to have a Conditions Site Survey done. This will help you ascertain whether the house to be built needs pilings that will increase the building cost considerably.

    Pest Control
    If you are buying a built property, always check whether the previous owner has been using pest control measures to keep out roaches, ants and rodents. If this is not the case, you may find that the property heavily infested. Apart from the infestation, you will have to spend dearly on the property to get rid of the pests. If you are purchasing a wooden property, ensure that check for termite infestation.

    Air Conditioning Service
    Check whether the previous owner has been regularly servicing the air conditioners in the property. Lack of servicing can reduce the durability and can cost you heavy for repairs or new systems.

    Water Bills
    Cross check whether the last water bill has been paid by the previous owner. Water companies may not hold you responsible for unpaid bills, but you can save yourself from a few phone calls and constant enquiries.

    By Brad Helms | Published on January 9, 2015

  • Grand Cayman – Neighborhood Watch

    Very similar to elsewhere in the world, Grand Cayman has many distinct neighborhoods. There are some major neighbourhoods in this island, where people carry on with their daily lives. Be it for a short stay or a permanent move, getting to know the neighbourhoods can be very useful for those who intend to visit Grand Cayman.

    West Bay
    West Bay is a working class residential neighborhood. It has a community-based retail business that borders West Bay and the Seven Mile Beach area. A public minibus system services this area. This neighborhood offers tourist lodgings such as bed and breakfast lounges, guesthouses, boutique hotels, dive hotels and condos.

    Seven Mile Beach
    This is the real enterprise of the island as it is the center of tourist activity in Grand Cayman. There is plenty of shopping and dining options here. The Seven Mile Beach is lined up with condos and hotels that cater to the needs of the tourists. This is the most expensive stretch of the island when it comes to real estate.

    George Town
    George Town is the capital of Cayman Islands and the center point of the financial industry. The modern office buildings are located in the downtown area that predominantly houses many legal, financial and banking firms. The cruise ship terminal is located in the waterfront area of George Town.

    Apart from the above given the other neighborhoods in Grand Cayman include the five geographical districts of Grand Cayman – Cayman Kai, Rum Point, Old Man Bay, East End district and North Side. Pease Bay and Breakers, Bodden Town, Savannah/Newlands and South Sound/Prospect form the other neighborhoods in Grand Cayman.

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    By Brad Helms | Published on December 17, 2014